Thursday, June 28, 2012

silentShout Short Film Competition 2012 is back!

silentSHOUT Short Film Competition 2012 is now open for submission.
Duration for your short film:
Minimum 5minutes and maximum 20minutes including credit title.
Who can participate:
All Malaysian, Deaf and Hearing, all ages; For Hearing you need to work with at least 1 Deaf person as actor or crew.

Click Link for
Rules & Regulations

Submission Form

silentShout Short Film Competition 2012 is now calling for submissions.  
This year 3 new categories are added to the competition: 

1. Best Actor or Actress: this is to promote and acknowledge Talents from Deaf and Hearing community in Malaysia.

2. Best Student Short Film: 
This award will encourage creativity and acknowledgement for students in Primary and Secondary Schools to make short film and tell their own stories.

3. Jury's Special Mention:
This award will be given based on Jury's insight of a promising short film submitted.

This new categories are to promote acting talent and encourage youth to be creative.

All the short films submitted to the competition will be screened at silentSHOUT Short Film Festival 2012.  Let's START!

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